Don’t Let Halloween Sneak Up On You Without a Costume!

October 26, 2017

The leaves are changing color and the air is a little crisper. There’s no denying it, autumn has arrived and with it the one very important question: What are you going to be for Halloween?

If you’re like most, this decision requires a bit of thought and consideration, so as you begin to ponder costume possibilities, here are a few tips to help guide your costume choice.

  • Sometimes, the best Halloween costumes are repeats from our childhood. Perhaps now is the time to recreate that Strawberry Shortcake, Batman or Goblin you dressed up as during your youth.

  • Maybe you are feeling the need to let loose this Halloween. If that is the case, Halloween is a great time to show off a different side to your personality. Consider dressing up as your favorite Pop Culture icon. Celebrities and musicians all make interesting and fun Halloween costume choices.

  • Halloween can also be a fun way to express your views in a non-threatening and funny manner. If there is something you’d like to express such as a social or political issue, consider using your Halloween costume as a vehicle for getting your point across.

  • Classic scary Halloween costumes are always great standbys. Characters such as ghosts, witches and zombies will always be popular favorites. Consider adding your personal touch to one of these classic characters.

  • Choosing the right Halloween costume may be as easy as making a list of the things you enjoy. For instance, if you’re a science fiction fan, you could be your favorite sci-fi character or if you love to garden, you could be a garden nymph.

Most importantly, whatever you decide to be this Halloween, have fun with it and start brainstorming today. Like scary ghosts, if you don’t plan now, Halloween is a holiday that will sneak up on you!

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