Is Bigger Really Better? A Lesson in NOT Forgetting the Small Stuff

August 1, 2016

Have you seen the Oasis cruiser? That’s one big ship! In fact, it’s so big that some fear getting lost. The point? Bigger is not always better. Aside from chocolate covered bananas and Reese Big Cups…going bigger isn’t always the right answer.

When it comes to your customers, there is good reason behind thinking small:

1. Keeping it real in the world of customer service. There’s something to be said about feeling like you are the only one. Despite the size of your business, customers want to talk to a real person and get that personal one-on-one attention. You can certainly be global, but should act local.

2. Staying grounded. No matter how big you get, always remember how you acted when it was just you and the dog working out of your garage. Never lose that. Customers who started with you from the very beginning will notice if you become too big for your britches.

3. Me + Small = Love. It’s always good to delegate when you can, but don’t let go of everything. Answer your own phone and emails. Tweet your own tweets. There’s an air of honesty and truth when you do your own communicating. You started out as one person…so go back to doing some of the simple stuff.

We encourage you, of course, to keeping growing and prospering, but everyone needs a reminder from time to time that the small stuff is important. Our clients love to feel like they are the only ones…and there is no reason why you can’t make that happen.

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